TERTIAL lamp with a new lease of life

Materials: TERTIAL Lamp

Description: For my father’s 64th birthday, I wanted to make him an LED table lamp.

I have quite a few unused TERTIAL lamps from IKEA and thought I’d give them a new lease of life.

The lamp was easy enough to dismantle and by prying the black plastic pieces at the end of the metal tubes, you can effectively remove the existing wiring and re-feed another set of cables. For the lights to fire sequentially, I needed a cable with 4 wires.

Micro-controller duties was handled by the ATTINY2313v which I programmed by using the Arduino as the programmer.

I used an old wooden pencil case (which I bought in 1994!) for the headlamp. The LED strips fit perfectly.

I also hooked it up to 3 blue LEDs to give a visual cue of the settings of the light.

See more of the Tertial LED lamp. And also check out the cool vid above.

~ Benjy Choo, Singapore