There’s something fishy about this Expedit

Materials: Expedit (big), glass and acrylic

Description: I have been thinking about getting an aquarium for a long time but really had no place to put one. So I thought about putting it in my home office Expedit.

First, I went to a glass store to have the glass cut in the right sizes.

Second, a friend of mine glued them for me (he did a great job).

Third, I used the shelf right below the aquarium to put the filter and other stuff needed for the aquarium to work properly.

Fourth, the acrylic was used to create a ceiling with lighting and to protect the top of the shelf from getting wet because the water is heated to 23º Celsius.

So, now, my Expedit is the home for 5 little tropical fish. And they laid eggs already.

~ Hugo Abreu, Portugal