Trones lamp hack and a cat

Materials: Ikea Trones cabinet, Ikea Hemma cord, frosted green acrylic, black tape, four screws, LED light-bulb

Description: We needed a lot of storage for our family shoes. So we got 12 Trones shoe storage cabinets and mounted them onto a wall. On top of that wall there was a hole for the traditional wall light fixture. After looking at it for a while, decided to transform one of the shoe boxes into a lamp/light box, breaking the monotony of all the black ones, covering the hole and of course providing the kind of light we were looking for.

We attached the top part of the lamp cord on the wall. Actually not the Ikea cord on the list (Hemma) since we already had one around.

Removed the “drawer” from the cabinet and cut a hole on the top center, first by drilling, then with a sharp knife, until the hole was big enough for the Hemma socket to pass through. The light-bulb we used is LED for safety and economical reasons since the light is meant to stay on all night.

We bought a frosted green acrylic with the exact size of the box. Using black tape, “drew” a frame around the edges and a “lamp silhouette”. Drilled four holes in the corners and screwed the acrylic into place. (used metal screws, but they could be a bit more stealthy in black).

That was it. Our cat also seems to like it.

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~ bricolage.108, Porto, Portugal