8 rooms that love an IKEA wall mounted shoe cabinet

wall mounted shoe cabinet trones

If there’s a competition for one of the most versatile storage units in IKEA, the TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet would definitely be in the Top 3.

TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet

TRONES shoe cabinet | IKEA.com

Measuring only 20 1/2″ (52 cm) x 15 3/8″ (39 cm) with a depth of 7 1/8″ (18 cm), this little shoe box can literally fit in everywhere.

While it is designed to hold shoes, in reality, it’s a multi-tasker. And we’ll take a look at how the TRONES is put to good use all around the house.

TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet ideas

#1 At the entrance

These can store shoes, obviously. Space out 2 of the boxes to create a drop zone for keys, lean a mirror, etc.

TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet - entrance

Credit: Johanne Landbo via My Scandinavian Home

For a tighter hallway, use just two of them with a wood ledge. Stick 3M Command hooks on the inside of the shoe cabinet to hold all your keys. See the hack here.

TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet -entrance

#2 In the bedroom

Surprisingly, the TRONES works brilliantly in the bedroom. Here it is as a simple storage headboard.

TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet - headboard

Credit: IKEA.com

If all white is not your style, you can Mod Podge the surfaces with a fabric / paper you love and add a wood frame around it. See a tutorial for that here.

If your headboard serves a room divider of sorts, you can also make use of the TRONES boxes and take advantage of the space behind the bed. Like the hack below.

TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet - headboard

And not forgetting, it is just as functional as a lovely wall mounted nightstand. If space does not permit, use one TRONES box for a small nightstand.


Credit: Imgur

#3 In the laundry room

The TRONES works amazing as a laundry sorter. Label the boxes with stickers — delicates, color, hot and cold according to your washing preferences. See it here.

bathroom storage

Place it right next to your washer, below a wooden ledge for more surface area and to keep the look seamless.

laundry room storage

#4 In the bathroom

Elizabeth used a single TRONES box above the toilet cistern to store paper rolls. See how nicely the rolls fit in there.

bathroom storage

Stack them along your bathroom wall and you can store your towels, hairdryer and so much more.

bathroom storage

Credit: IKEA.com

#5 In the kids room

For toys and books, these versatile boxes do the job.

TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet - kids room storage

Credit: Dos Family

#6 In the living room

You can turn the TRONES into a slim, floating console. See how the Wall Whisperer did this.

TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet - living room

Credit: The Wall Whisperer

#7 In the kitchen

The TRONES is highly useful in the kitchen. Seen here for kitchen wrap and bags storage.

kitchen storage

And for sorting recyclables.

recycling station

Credit: 2 Engler

#8 In the balcony / patio

Add more storage to your patio with two or more TRONES boxes. Handy for hiding less than pretty gardening tools. You may even be able to convert it into a vertical garden.

Credit: IKEA.com

How have you used the TRONES wall mounted shoe cabinet? Share your ideas with us.

Jules Yap