Variera shelf insert turned into a bathroom shelf for speaker, electric shaver and other stuff

Materials: Variera shelf insert

Description: I have spent a considerable amount of time, thinking about how to best fit a speaker into my bathroom. After all, I never sing as good as when I take a shower, and it would probably be even more fun if I had some music to sing to. But the space is pretty limited, especially when I don’t want to drill any new holes tiles for a wall-mounted shelf. There are actually only one free area, between one of the walls and the washing machine. This area is approximately 15*38 cm.

Have been looking for a shelf which could fit there for a long time, without any success. Shelves doesn’t seem to be made with those measures. Last week, when I visited Ikea for a few other things, I watched carefully for anything which could work as a shelf. When I almost had given up, I found the cupboard inset “Variera”. Two big ones and looked like a perfect combination. You wait and see… But first, I want to show some (if you ask me) pretty good cable installations 🙂

Objects that cannot stand steady have to be attached to the foundation in some way. Here I used Velcro tape to attach the multiple socket to the shelf:

Then I bundled the main for the subwoofer. Please notice the cableway on the outside of the subwoofer…

Speaking about cableways, I use them a lot, so here is a picture of how one look. The back of it is covered by some sticky strip, so you can just push to where it should be fitted.

Used a couple of this at the back of the shelf to run the cable from the subwoofer to the satellite. For me, it was easiest to open the cable ways before attaching them to the shelf, otherwise you might accidentally remove them when opening them.

And since I added this multiple socket, I thought I could have my electric razor at this shelf as well. Used to have it on the floor of my living room, hidden behind a curtain. I attached the charger with velcro tape (just as with the multiple socket) and added cableways for the main.

Finished! Just put the shelf to the wall, and add other necessities:

Again, really satisfied with this 🙂

See more of the Variera in the bathroom.

~ Jonas Arvidsson, Stockholm, Sweden