Yup, another Expedit Bar

Materials: Two EXPEDIT 2×2 Bookcases, two sets of CAPITA legs, 1 LOTS mirror set, 1 INREDA stemware rack, 1 DIODER light set

Description: This hack was inspired by a lot of the other EXPEDIT bars on this site with a few individual tweaks. We had 40+ bottles of booze, a ton of glassware, and not very much space, so we decided to get two Expedits and place them at a right angle. (One day, when we have more space, we may be able to use them side by side.)

We removed some of the supports to create space for the glassware and tall bottles, and also to make a hidden nook where the two bookshelves meet to tuck in even more booze. (Keep the expensive stuff out of sight?)

The Capita legs boosted the bar to a more manageable height and lets us tuck the lighting controls, a power strip, and a Roomba under the bar. We used a manual drill to make small holes before screwing the legs into the bottom of the Expedit.

The flower shaped wine rack is from Amazon but everything else in the construction is from IKEA, including the Dioder set taped up in the back. The mirrors on top ended up working really well as giant coasters since the finish of the Expedit is not ideal for mixing drinks over or handling spills.

~ Marissa L., Los Angeles

Jules Yap