DIY Expedit "doors"

Materials: Ikea Expedit shelves, 12inch square canvas, hardware

Description: What You Need:

1.) 12 inch square canvases.
2.) 2 eye hooks for every canvas.
3.) 2 hooks for every canvas.

How To Make It:

1.) Measure 1 inch from the left and right edges of the top of each canvas. Make a mark.

2.) Screw in the eye hooks in where you just marked.

3.) Repeat for each canvas.

4.) Hold the canvas up to the Expedit cubby. Once centered, mark the holes about 1/2 inch from the front of the bookcase, so the canvas sits in a little.

5.) Screw the hooks into the bookcase. Be sure they face out.

6.) Hang canvases. Done!

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~ Kayla from Sweet Anne Designs