5 IKEA laptop stand hacks for a better work posture

Setting your laptop on a stand is simply better for your body. Tilting your head downwards to look at the screen can load your neck and back with unnecessary strain and stress. Raising the screen to eye level will alleviate much of the pressure build up on your neck and back.

A laptop stand is usually set to raise your laptop off the desk surface and position the screen so you can look straight ahead, comfortably at eye level.

If that’s not reason enough, there’s another which may appeal to the vain side.

With online meetings now a regular part of work, you’ll want to look your best on camera. One surefire solution is to let the camera capture your face from a higher angle. Try it and you’ll see that it’s so much better than the low angle. (Bye-bye double chin!)

Laptop stands can range from the luxurious with bells and whistles to affordable DIY IKEA hacks. The only thing to bear in mind is it must be made to fit your best working position. The downside of DIY solutions is the lack of adjustable heights and levels. On the other hand, when you get it right, you can set and forget.

With that out of the way, here are 5 easy and affordable IKEA laptop stand hacks and ideas to help you elevate your laptop to the just-right angle.

5 Easy, Affordable IKEA Laptop Stand hacks

#1 MURVEL marvellous

It’s not properly a hack, more of a repurposing. I’ve been looking for a laptop stand since I started working from home.  

My employer provided a nice, new laptop to use, but it took up a lot of space on my desk, and all the wires and accessories got in the way when I wasn’t working. I thought of making one myself, but my craft skills aren’t up to the task. All the stands I saw online and in stores were either too expensive, too elaborate, or both.

Then I saw MURVEL in on the IKEA US website.

IKEA MURVEL shoe stacker

It was perfect: sloped at just the right angle, a little ledge at the bottom to keep the computer from sliding off, and plenty of room underneath for a mouse and other accessories. On top of that, it comes at the great price of 99 cents!

I thought it was great that IKEA should come up with such a useful computer accessory . . . until I found out it was intended for storing shoes. No matter. I immediately went to my local IKEA and bought one.

IKEA hack for laptop stand

I wasn’t disappointed, either. The MURVEL is a safe, stable stand for a laptop. I wouldn’t jump up and down on it, of course, but for something just sitting on my desk it’s just fine. There’s room beneath it for accessories, and when the laptop is open, the screen is at roughly the same height as the desktop monitor beside it. MURVEL is everything I need in a laptop stand for less than the cost of a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

And I even like the color.

~ by Bill Doorley

#2 Bamboo IKEA Laptop Stand for your desk

I needed to get my camera on my personal laptop at the right height for all online meetings.

This was a very easy fix to convert a iPad stand to a Laptop Stand. Furthermore, it was cheap, costing around €10.

ikea bamboo laptop stand

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IKEA items used: 
  • VIVALLA tablet stand
vivalla tablet stand

VIVALLA Tablet stand, bamboo veneer | IKEA.com

Other materials and tools: 
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper

Measure 4 cm of the back and cut. Cut in half and cut 2 cm slits.


Put together and adjust the slits with sandpaper until it stands flat.


This is a quite easy hack. The hardest part is to adjust the angle of the slits.

Make sure you measure the slits on the standing VIVALLA before cutting them.

~ by Niclas

#3 Wood + Steel laptop stand

This is probably the simplest of IKEA laptop stand hacks. What’s more, it’s made from durable materials — wooden brackets and steel bar handles. The simple lines of the metal handles adds to its modern look. Besides, its lightweight and has a gap beneath for a mouse pad.

ikea laptop stand hack

Seen in the photo above is the very popular EKBY VALTER brackets, now replaced by SANDSHULT. Join the two brackets with LANSA handles, renamed as KALLRÖR. The handles also serve as the stopper that holds the laptop in place. See the full tutorial here.

#4 Laptop stand with fans

A long call? Stay cool with a BRÄDA laptop support with fans.

ikea laptop stand hack

Vicniv mounted 3 desktop fans under the surface of the laptop stand and connected them to a single USB cable to power up the fans. Add a handle to make it portable for working and meetings on the go. See the full tutorial.

#5 Even cheaper hack

This is an idea from this laptop stand hack.

I just found a cheaper way to finish the laptop stand. The bulk of the cost of that hack were the LANSA handles. Using cheaper pin knobs did the trick.

You need a Phillips screwdriver and 4 screws to finish this project.

It looks cool, too. And is sturdy. You may want to put protective pads under the brackets to keep your desk from being scratched.

brackets for laptop
IKEA items used: 

EKBY VALTER brackets x2 (Replace with SANDSHULT)
LYCKA hanger x1
RULL knob x2 (Replace with BAGGANÄS)

First, I pulled out the metal parts of the LYCKA trouser hanger from the wooden bars. This was an old hanger I had and may have been discontinued by IKEA. You can use any other wood pieces for this DIY.

LYCKA trouser hanger

Place the brackets with the long side on the table. Join the two brackets together using the LYCKA wood pieces. One at the top and another at the base. You will need to drill new holes for this bottom piece.

Lastly screw in the knobs to hold the laptop in place.

The little margin at the back lets you tuck in your cables and cords.

holder for laptop

~ Hsiping Shih, Taipei, Taiwan

Jules Yap