3 laptop stand hacks to soup-up your online meetings

With online meetings now a regular part of work, you’ll want to look your best on camera. One surefire solution is to prop your laptop up, so that the camera captures your face from a higher angle. (Bye-bye double chin!)

And making a laptop stand out of IKEA items is not hard at all.

Here are 3 easy and affordable laptop stand hacks to help you elevate your laptop to the just-right angle.

#1 Bamboo IKEA Laptop Stand for your desk

I needed to get my camera on my laptop at the right height for all online meetings.

This was a very easy fix to convert a iPad stand to a Laptop Stand. Furthermore, it was cheap, costing around €10.

ikea bamboo laptop stand

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IKEA items used: 
vivalla tablet stand

VIVALLA Tablet stand, bamboo veneer | IKEA.com

Other materials and tools: 
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper

Measure 4 cm of the back and cut. Cut in half and cut 2 cm slits.


Put together and adjust the slits with sandpaper until it stands flat.


This is a quite easy hack. The hardest part is to adjust the angle of the slits.

Make sure you measure the slits on the standing VIVALLA before cutting them.

~ by Niclas

#2 Wood + Steel laptop stand

All you need is a pair of IKEA wood brackets and steel bar handles for this lightweight laptop stand.

ikea laptop stand hack

Seen in the photo above is the very popular EKBY VALTER brackets, now replaced by SANDSHULT. Join the two brackets with LANSA handles, renamed as KALLRÖR. See the full tutorial.

#3 Laptop stand with fans

A long call? Stay cool with a BRÄDA with fans.

ikea laptop stand hack

Vicniv mounted 3 desktop fans under the surface of the laptop stand and connected them to a single USB cable to power up the fans. Add a handle to make it portable for working and meetings on the go. See the full tutorial.