EXPEDITion Small-Room-Closet

Materials: EXPEDIT tv storage unit, DIODER 4-piece light strip set, clothes rail and support

Description: Yes. I have to admit. I love having lots of space too, but as my collegiate destiny decided, the sweetest flat share I found was at the same time the one with the smallest room. So I decided to move in with the nicest people and to see filling this room in the most beautiful and cheap way as the huge fun it was. Small, but oh so grand…

After searching and calculating I had this great moment with my best friend while standing in the Expedit-section at IKEA. It must’ve been somewhat like that:
‘Damn I love Expedit, why don’t they do a good closet that way?!’…(two people standing in front of Expedit turning their heads to the right) ‘Wait…why don’t we just…turn it to the right…’ ‘…put a clothes rail into it…’ ‘YEAH and some LED-lighting!’ ‘Yeah!’

And that’s how it started. I actually just build up the TV storage unit. Turned it to the right. Bought a clothes rail and the supports for it and put that one up (be careful with the drill, Expedit unfortunately is not the solid wood you might know from Ikea…haha.)

The last thing I did was sticking the DIODER LED-strips to the top.

What still needs to be done…or better: if you don’t want the left side of the closet to be brown(because it’s the actual bottom side)…is to paint this side in the closets color.

Additionally you can also place LANSA handles in the back to have some more space to hang things.

After 6 months of living in one room with my modified closet-tv-lighting-unit
I’m a happy student with sweet flatshare-mates and my small, beautiful room.

~ Anna, Cologne