Expedit one2two

Materials: 5×5 Expedit, some wood screws, additional metal L-bracket

Description: I’d like to show you my first IKEA hack! Time effort approximately 4 hours.

Because we moved around the furniture in our sharehouse living room the 5×5 Expedit didn’t fit anymore into its desired corner. The idea was therefore to clip it into the right size and reuse the clipped part to replace the ugly old TV shelf.


First I cut the upper and lower thick boards just after 3 compartments. The resulting 5×3 mini Expedit was stabilized with a few screws from the side and a L-profile on the top and bottom end each. The cut edge could be covered, but as the shelf is placed really close to the wall nobody will see anything from the cut ever.

Thereafter I assembled the remaining 3 thick outer boards, including one row with the thin boards again. To make it stable 2 white L-brackets were screwed on the front side and another thin original board was attached at the rear. Additional screws were placed at the intersection of the thin boards from below. In doing so the “new” TV shelf can bear quite some weight again and nasty cables can be hidden in the same time. The cut edges are facing to the ground now and cannot be seen as well. Attaching some felt, the parquet is protected against scratches.

~ Damian, Switzerland

Jules Yap