Fitting a Molger Under the sink

Ikea Molger Shelving Unit (brown) Article Number : 302.034.21

Description: I had an old tall 5 shelf Molger shelving unit from the Bathroom in my old flat but it really did not fit in the new flat.

So, I thought I’d modify it into a new under wash basin shelving unit.

After deconstructing the Molger Shelf; Cut the two side pieces to the desired height (around 55cm is good). This also leaves enough timber in the legs for extra support across the joined shelving units.

Then by using pairs of the original shelves and cutting out a few slats you can construct something that fits your washbasin.

Also two of the original shelves are doweled. This is quite handy and you can still use the doweling in the second shelf to hold the two together.

Tools and additional items;
– Screwdriver
– Drill
– Saw
– a few extra self-tapping screws.
– the original IKEA screws can be used for the top shelf.

~ Luke, London