Modern slat coffee table

Materials: 2 Molger Benches and 1 set of 8″ Capita Legs

Description: To recreate this coffee table all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1) Carefully chisel off 6 slats off one of the bench tops which will be used for the sides later on.

2) Clamp together the 3 remaining benchtops to drill 8 holes to be used with nuts/bolts/washers.

3) Glue the 6 slats onto the sides of the tabletop. They should fit into the predrilled holes.

4) Attach the capita legs onto the bottom of the thin corner slats.

(Note: I had to cut/grind the base of the capita attachemts to fit onto the skinny slats. New holes and very short screws had to be used.)

Now enjoy your modern and unique coffee table!

With the remaining 1/2 piece of molger bench top and 2 of the original Molger legs I made a stool. Now you have a matching set.

~ Terence, Vancouver Canada