From dull to soul!

Materials: Expedit, Micke Desk, Branas Baskets, Hemnes Shoe storage

Description: So we started off by building the steps over the slope where the stairs go up and under the room. This is a very small third bedroom and was wasting a lot of space by having this slope as nothing could sit over it, so thought of ways we can build over the slope that has purpose. So after building the steps, we screwed a length of wood under the desk for the desk to sit onto at the right level, as the floor was uneven.


We then unscrewed one the square leg of the desk and sat it onto the custom built steps, fixing it with screws.. then put up 3 Expedit bookshelves over the desk leaving the 4th square free f or desk space.. on the opposite wall i just used a Hemnes shoe storage which i am using for fabrics instead of shoes, not much of a hack involved there! 😛

~ DrakeFace, UK