Henriksdal’s New Skirt

Materials: Henriksdal Chair and Slip Cover

Description: While I love love love Ikea prices, sometimes the super clean lines and modern style doesn’t mesh with my traditional home. So, in about an hour and with less than $10, I outfitted the Henriksdal with a new, frou frou skirt! Here’s how:

1) Cut my standard 54″ wide decorator fabric in two 8″ strips.
2) Hemmed the top and bottom of each strip.
3) Put the slip cover on the chair and pinned the strips right on top of the seam of the seat seam. I put small pleats every few inches.
4) Slipped the cover off (carefully) and sewed a straight top stitch.
5) For the seat back applique, I cut a quatrefoil design out of my fabric. I also cut a “W” out of burlap.
6) Used Heat n Bond Lite to iron the applique to the slip cover.

Then sit back and admire your super traditional Ikea chair!

See more of the skirt for Hendriksal.

~ Amanda @ Dixie Delights, Atlanta

Jules Yap