The Rusch Twins

Materials: Rusch Clock x 2, White Acrylic Paint, Double-sided tape

Description: I just finished a renovation project and realized the walls are so plain. It’s missing the clock! After reading so many good hacks on the Rusch clock, I bought 2 Rusch clocks at $1.99 each, came home and took it apart. And here comes the Rusch twins!

1. Pop the front acrylic (it’s just snapped on)
2. Pull the hands out from the clock
3. Pop the clock from the back (it’s just snapped on too
4. Paint the 2 clocks in white acrylic
5. Wait til the paint is dried
6. Put the second hand on one clock and the hour and minute hands on the other.
7. Insert the AA battery
8. Stick them on the wall with double-sided clock

After an hour, now I have two clocks side by side, one showing the hour and minute and the other just seconds (and what’s the point? I am not sure but it looks cool…)

~ ahongkongese