Besta Odda Loft Bed


Materials: BESTA, ODDA, metal braces and L brackets + Trofast

Description: My daughter has always wanted a low loft bed for her room. I did a surprise room makeover for her while she was away at a one week sleep away camp.

At first I bought a low loft bed from Walmart and after finished assembling it, I realized how bad it looked in her room. My son who has an Odda bed (pix, right) offered to take the ugly Walmart loft and swap it with his bed.

Having only 2 days left to complete the surprise, I bought some Besta bookcases to make the base and turned the Odda bed into a loft bed.

First I assembled all the Besta bookcases and screwed them together with some metal braces and L brackets.

Then I assembled the Odda bed frame on top of the Besta base, and screwed them to the base with L brackets.

We had a safety bed rail lying around that we were no longer using, so I used it to make the side wall for the loft.

Final step is adding the Trofast shelves for the stairs.

I drew all of the pieces in 3D before heading to Ikea to buy all the items. Thanks to Ikea website that listed all product dimensions, all the pieces fit perfectly in the room.

My daughter loves her new room.

*Note* I know the Besta has an exposed back next to the stair. I’m planning to finish it with some fabric. I built this whole thing by myself in 2 nights. It was good enough for the surprise.

~ Lis Vesurai, California