ERSLEV rug gets a sunny disposition

Materials: ERSLEV Rug

Description: 1. Lay out your drop cloth first and tape to floor-should be larger than 4’7″ x 6’7″ for paint overflow from stripes

2. Lay out the rug on top & measure out your stripes (can be a little or a lot! I did mine in 1, 2, 3 & 4 inch stripes with 1 inch in between for consistency. Then tape them off with frog tape or painters tape so the paint doesn’t seep through.

3. I choose three different colours of paint – all latex – but you can use one or as many as you like. I did the yellow first then the dark grey and let it sit over night to completely dry. Then I did the lighter grey the following morning because there were less of those stripes. Total time was about 6 hours.

4. Let it sit for another few hours till it is completely dry and voila! Instant colour and designer touch added to any room!

Colours used:

Beauti-tone Natura: Best Dressed F038 (Bought)
General Paint: 8670W (Already Had)
C.I.L. Essentials: Obsidian Glass (Already Had)

~ Refresh Interiors, Squamish, BC.

Jules Yap