Expedit unit for smaller TV

Materials: Expedit 5×5 white cupboard

Description: We wanted an entertainment unit that wasn’t too deep, moved the TV higher off the ground and also had storage.

Nothing we saw really worked for us, and the standard Ikea Expedit TV unit had too big a space for our 81cm TV.

So we converted our existing Expedit cupboard by creating a 3×2 cube space for our TV.

It required 3 cuts:
1. 2 cuts for the horizontal shelf
2. one of the now redundant vertical dividers was cut to 10cm height to support the TV and create compartments for the DVD players.

The cuts were done at a woodwork shop, which took about 2 minutes on their table saw.

We drilled dowel holes and used shorter 2cm dowels to hold the TV shelf and 10cm vertical support, and bought some iron-on melamine edging tape to cover the sawed ends where needed.

We’re very happy with this simple and very functional hack.

~ Kar-Soon, Sydney, Australia

Jules Yap