Floating Gallery Wall for Under $60

Materials: DIGNITET curtain wire, RIKTIG clips, Thin Gauge Wire, Screen Mold, Spray Paint, Grommets, Art Work

Description: 1. Screen Mold (1/4″ x 3/4″ x 8′) was selected to make the frames.

2. After determining the size of the frames needed, screen mold was cut on a 45 degree angle with the chop saw.

3. Frames were glued with super glue.

4. After the glue dried, frames were primed and then given a top coat of spray paint.

5. To hang the art – a grommet kit was used to attach the wire between the paper and frame (follow directions on grommet kit).

7. Ikea’s Dignitet curtain wire system was mounted and Ikea’s Riktig curtain clips were attached at the top. Two eye screws were inserted at the top of each frame to hang the wire from.

8. Frames and art were hung with thin gauge wire, and attached to the curtain clips (wire was simply twisted at the end to secure.

Finally, we used a level to help get everything straight!

See more of the the floating gallery.

~ Sarah M. Dorsey, Central CA Coast