From Table to Ceiling: A Hanging Klabb Lamp


Materials: Ikea KLABB Table Lamp, Swag Lamp kit, Pull-chain On/Off Socket, Drapery tassel, Pliers, Screwdriver, Fabric for cord/chain cover (optional)

Description: My nightstand is usually so filled with books that my lamp gets buried or knocked over. I decided to hang a pull-chain lamp from the ceiling, but didn’t see a shade I liked until I met KLABB, but there was no way way I paying $30 for that lovely lilac lampshade. Fortunately, Ikea is displaying KLABBs all over the store, and I found a dinged former display unit in the sale section for 50% off.

1) If desired, sew tubular fabric cord/chain cover(s) from 3″-4″ strips of 58″ wide fabric of your choice. (I sewed three 58″ long tubes from 1/4 yd of $1/yd sheer silver fabric, so the cover cost about $0.25, a bit of thread, and 15 minutes of sewing time.)

2) Remove shade from lamp. Set lamp base aside.

3) Open Swag lamp kit.

4) To anchor lampshade to chain, remove two short lengths of chain using pliers. Hook both lengths through the link at the end of the chain, and attach the end of each length to the bars of the shade, as pictured. Alternately, you could use reusable chain link connectors, available at most hardware stores.

5) Thread cord through chain for desired length. Thread cord and chain through cord cover. Thread cord through center of shade.

6) Open On/Off Socket package, and follow instructions to attach swag cord to socket.

7) Tricky part – to reduce stress on cord, adjust the cord so that the weight of the shade is supported by the chain, and only the weight of the socket is supported by the cord.

8) Attach drapery tassel to pull-chain. (I got mine for $2.50 in downtown LA’s fabric district.)

9) Anchor swag hooks in ceiling, or screw hooks into ceiling studs (important, since you’re going to be pulling the chain off and on.)

10) Hang your lamp, positioning it so that the dent in the shade that landed the lamp in the sale section is in the back.

11) Swag

12) Plug in and enjoy.

Overall, I think this project cost about $35 in materials (including the sale KLABB). I was also able to use the KLABB lamp base elsewhere in the house with a shade we already had.

~ Amanda, Los Angeles