How to: Extend UTBY Legs


Materials: UTBY Legs (901.289.71)

Description: If you want a free standing cooking island with a countertop of more than 90cm you need to extend the UTBY legs since they are only 16cm .

16cm (legs) + 70 cm (cabinet) + 4 cm (countertop) = 90 cm

To get to 95cm (or more) you can extend the screws of the feet with a 4cm piece of an M8 screw and an M8 x 30 coupling screw. Both you can get at the hardware store for almost no money.

I bought a 200cm M8 screw for 2 EUR and cut 8 pieces out of it. Together with the 8 coupling screws I’ve paid 15 EUR for parts.

The only downside is that you can’t use the bottom part of UTBY since it is not long enough.

Tip: The coupling screw gives extra stability if you adjust the extension piece so that the coupling screw goes right to the UTBY leg.

See more of the UTBY leg extension.

~ Frank Schroeder, Amsterdam