Ikea Delay

Materials: Ordning, Music PCB Echo Base, Heath Glue, Cd Cake box

Description: First of all, What the hell is the Ikea Delay?
Well it’s a guitar effect built inside a Ordning.

– Buy the Delay pcb from Music PCB

– Buy the electronic components and the knobs from Mouser electronics or Musik Ding or Banzai or your usual supplier.

– Assemble the pcb, I built a “full optional” Echo base with most of the mods suggested by music pcb (Tail, Kill wsitch, Lfo mods, ecc) plus a starve knob (is the big one)

– Put the circuit inside the Ordning, it’s very simple, it fits perfectly and you don’t even have to drill the enclosure to fit the pots and the switches in !!! 🙂 You just need to enlarge a couple of holes …

– Take a Cd cake box you don’t use anymore, open it, take the bottom of the box, cut the cylinder.

– Take the Ordning (with the circuit inside), fit it into the box bottom, take the heath glue and stick them togheter.

You’ re done, the Ikea Delay is ready! 😉

~ Enrico Mangione, Italy