The ‘just-so-I-can-say-I-hacked-something’ light

Materials: Ordning cutlery caddy, Hemma table lamp base, cheap plastic folder

Description: I stumbled on this website a few weeks ago, and decided I had to do one. I’ve seen some very creative ideas, as well as some not-so-much, but I admire everyone for trying.

Perhaps I’ll do something else on a grander scale, but for my first hack I just wanted to do something cheap and easy.

Get an Ordning caddy for 2.99 and a Hemma table lamp base for $5.

Now grab yourself a plastic folder (mine was mostly clear, just to diffuse the light.) $0.50 at Big Lots. You can use colored if you want for a different look. Cut it just wide enough to line the inside of the Ordning and it will slide under the lip. Otherwise you could use glue to secure it I suppose.

Use the collar from the hemma lamp base and trace a circle onto the bottom of the Ordning. I used a Dremmel tool to cut out and sand the hole.

Put the rest of the lamp together and….

I think it turned out pretty decent, also makes some nice light patterns on the wall. Not bad for $8.49 plus tax. Thought about making it a hanging light as well, maybe a couple over the counter in the kitchen…

~ Steve B., Tacoma, WA