Jara Lamp Shade Over Hanging Ceiling Light

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P1040080 751083

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Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: Jara Shade, Hacksaw, Gold Spray Paint

Description: We had an existing chandelier in our dining room that was ugly, so we stripped it down to the bulbs (removed the frame and some hanging glass).
Not wanting to deal with doing electrical work covering it up was the best – and cheapest – solution.

The Jara was the only shade that would fit over the existing chandelier. Here’s what we did:

1) Taped the edges of the lamp shade
2) Spray painted the inside gold (comes white)
3) Used hacksaw to saw off the top of the lampshade frame so it could be slid over the chandelier.
4) Voila!

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~ Meghan, Lakebay, WA

Jules Yap