Lova Is For Bee’s Too

Materials: 1 Lova, 6-8 zip ties, 1 tree branch, 1 binder clip & 1-2 rubber bands.

Description: It has been a hot one this summer in the Midwest and the bees in our hive have been roasting in the afternoon sun. But now with the Lova they have gotten a reprieve from the afternoon heat.

1. Assemble the Lova as the instructions indicate.

2. Find the angle you want over your bee hive or other item in need of shade.

3. Place the Lova in the holder and zip tie to the fence in your desired angle.

4. Place binder clip on the tip of the Lova leaf.

5. Lupe the rubber band around the tree branch.

6. Link the rubber band to the binder clip.

The binder clip and rubber band keep the Lova at the angle for our hive but there are many other way to do that if you don’t have a tree branch in close proximity.

~ Erika, Mission, KS