Lillangen + flower pot = bike rack

Materials: Lillangen wall bracket

Description: Over the last few months I have been thinking about building a homemade bike rack for our bicycles. The main goal was to save us some annoying manipulations when bringing the bikes in and out of our backyards. We were also tired of seeing our bikes sitting on our deck. Now they are sitting just outside our property in a dead end street that we have tried to turn green with the help of our neighbor.

This hack is really easy and I am pretty confident it will give ideas to some of you!

Step One : Build a flower pot!

The first step is to build a solid element to which the Lillangen brackets will be attached to. I decided to transform an old bed frame into a huge flower pot. Free your imagination to find the best solution for you. The only requirement is to build something “unmovable” if you don’t want your bicycle to be stolen!

Step Two : Get a few pairs of Lillangen brackets!

Decide how many spots you will need for your bikes and run to the nearest Ikea store to get those Lillangen brackets. In Montréal they are sold for 10$ a pair. I have decided to repaint them in black to match my homemade flowerpot. However the spray paint I have used isn’t really resistant and it has already started to peel off from the brackets but it doesn’t really matter.

Step Three : Attached them to the flowerpot.

I have used a set of nuts and bolds purchased at my hardware store to attached the brackets to the flowerpot. I have also decided to add some washers. When installing the Lillangen brackets make sure to leave enough room (a couple of inches) in between the brackets so you can squeeze in the wheel of your bike.

Step four : Enjoy your new and convenient bike rack!

~ Tanguy, Montréal