Rope Serving Tray

Materials: KLACK tray, 2 or more shades of sisal rope (about 50 ft. total), gardening twine, hot glue

Description: A variation of the penny tray idea– I really didn’t like that original whiteboard feel!


1. Starting with the outer edge, hot glue the sisal rope around the perimeter, working toward the center.

2. Once you’ve gotten about 6 rows in, at a corner, switch up the color of the rope if you want to. You could do all sorts of bold/thin stripes depending on the pattern you want. I liked a minimalist look.

3. Keep gluing down until you reach the center.

4. For the handles, loop and hot glue gardening twine. You could use more of the sisal rope, but the twine is usually softer.

5. Et Voila!

~ Alexandra, Philadelphia

Jules Yap