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Materials: Satta knobs, 30″ long boards, power drill & bits, measuring tape, pencil

Description: This was a very easy project, using just a wooden board and the Satta knobs which are only $1.99/6-pack.

I first lightly sanded the boards, then drilled holes just big enough for the knob hardware to fit through. I measured out one hole per every 3″ with measuring tape, so 9 holes total, and marked that with a pencil. Unfortunately, my boards were too thick for the knobs to attach; I solved this problem by drilling holes large enough for the heads of the knob hardware (screws) to fit into. Then there was more of the screw sticking out of the smaller hole to screw the knob into.


After drilling the holes, I painted the boards black with Rustoleum semigloss paint (but you could stain the wood or use any paint you have). I then attached the knobs with the power drill (much faster than by hand), drilled two more holes for my wall screws, and screwed these into the wall in my closet.

I can hang so many coats/scarves/sweaters etc! I made 4 racks of 8 hooks each.

~ K. Betcher, Michigan