Brighten up: A reading lamp the book lover will love

We already had a MAGNARP table lamp in the living room, but we were missing a reading lamp next to our couch.

For a standing MAGNARP floor lamp, we didn’t have space. And the available other IKEA lamps were not for our taste.

I already saw solutions with FRÄCK, so I decided to make my own wall mounted reading light, fused with MAGNARP.

Here goes:

IKEA items used:

Steps for an IKEA wall mounted reading light:

1. Take apart both sets.

2. Cut the power line of the MAGNARP to be able to pull it out from the pipe. (Cut at both ends of the switch)

3. Cut the pipe. Besides the threaded part which goes inside the bulb socket you I will need approximate 5mm.

IKEA wall mounted reading light

IKEA wall mounted reading light

IKEA wall mounted reading light

4. Cut M10 thread on the pipe’s end, and drill over the thread inside the main plate with M10 as well.

5. Bend the mirror’s fork as seen on the picture.

6. Mark the holes from the bent fork onto the main plate, and drill holes.

7. Make the electric work with a new switch. (I laced it inside the arm before doing so, but this is optional)

8. Cut out the shade for the arm. Don’t forget to reinforce it with something. (First time I missed this, and the paper was torn apart. That is why you may see some glue on the picture. I will cover it later with similar paper.)

IKEA wall mounted reading light

IKEA wall mounted reading light

9. Assemble as seen. You will have almost no space for the tools. But it is not impossible to make 😉

~ by Bence Fazekas

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