Sultan goes outdoor and back under the bed..

Materials: Sultan Lade

Description: As I recently changed my slatted frame that was in my Malm bed (Sultan Lade) with one that is adjustable, I thought it would be nice to use the wood parts for something.

So I used all of the parts to create 2 things: a garden rack to hold plants and other garden utensils. I painted the parts with some weather proof finish and built it together. On the side facing the wall I used an Observator bracket to make it more stable.

The second thing was for my wife – she has a lot of shoes and boots and ever searching for some space 😉

So I made a little drawer and put some fabric inside and outside to give a better smoother place to put in the boots.

Two nice handles made it perfect.

PS. My first hack 😉

~ MIGUEL, Vienna, Austria