Queen size bed with twin trundle

Materials: Odda pull-out bed, Sultan Luröy slatted bed base, Sultan Florvåg twin mattress, Sultan Fåvang queen mattress

Description: The problem: We wanted to have a bigger bed for our tween boy, yet still have a trundle to pull out for sleep-overs.

When we couldn’t find that anywhere, we decided to build a bed ourselves using some IKEA products.

We used an Odda pull out bed for the trundle. And we used Sultan Luröy slatted bed base to build the queen sized bed around.

On the Odda pull-out bed we cut down the face board on the front as shown in the picture. Then we attached a new board at 9 inches tall and 79″ long to fit with the size and wood type of the new bed.

We finished the rough edge on the Odda with a piece of quarter round wood. See picture.

For the bed itself, we made two end boards sized 61 3/4″ (but I would probably make that 62″ if I had to do it over for a tiny more space for the slats) and two side rails out of 1×6 wood. They are 80″ long. See picture.

We used surface mounted bed rail brackets to assemble the bed. Then added a fifth board on the side of the bed that was opposite the trundle opening for stabilization (80″x9″).

Then we made a T-post out of 2×3 lumber and a holder for it out of 2×4. See picture. I added felt to the inside to avoid squeaking as well as to the top of the t-post before putting down the Sultan slatted bed base and the Sultan Florvåg mattress.

Last, we made a tufted headboard for the bed.

More pictures of how we made the bed here.

Details about the headboard.

~ Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART, California