Super Indestructable Kids Table

Materials: LATT Children’s Table and Chairs

Description: We have the slightly older version of these, the slatted ones. I LOVED the little table and chairs, but really hated how dirty it got and how hard it was to clean. So my husband talked to a friend, and this was the AMAZING result.

Step 1. Assemble the table and chairs.
Step 2. Sand down any rough/uneven spots (If the table or chairs has been used then clean thoroughly!!)

Step 3. Talk to auto body places to get the best quote on bed-liner/rhino-liner.
Step 4. Have them spray the liner color of your choice and let it cure.
(Option: You can also buy the kits to do this yourself for between $15 -35, we just happened to have a friend with a shop that does this.)
Step 5. Enjoy your completely water, food, marker, crayon, glue, and generalized gunk proof table and chairs!

My 6 year old totally loves these and they are pretty much indestructible. ENJOY! 🙂

~ Phly Jambor, Gilbert AZ

Jules Yap