ANITA custom looking 108" curtain, can ya LENDA me some length?

Materials: Anita Panels Dark Grey, Lenda Panels, sewing machine, chocolate brown 5/8″ grograin, HeatnBond Lite

Description: I sewed the bottom I cut off of a pair of LENDA panels to the bottom of a pair of ANITA panels. (I am using the top part of the LENDAs in another room).

I cut 23 1/2 ” off the Lenda. When attaching, keep in mind that the ANITA is slightly wider than the LENDA, so I used HeatnBond to take them in a bit at the connection point. about 1/2 inch or a turn of the seam on each side. pinned them together (facing outside to outside), and sewed a seam. Then used HeatnBond to hem the curtains and added ribbon trim. The HeatnBond is adhesive, so attached it to the ribbon and then placed it on fabric & ironed.

~ Whitley Levy, Texas