Enhance your Expedit with fabric

Materials: Expedit, DIODER light strip set and grey IKEA STOCKHOLM BLAD Fabric

Description: I have 2 problems : my 2 Expedits used to be the same as everyone else’s. And my walls were white and sad.

So, I wanted to change it without spending too much money. My solution : buy some fabric ! I can change it as much as I want, and set it up anywhere.

My first try (what I’m sharing with you) was was to put the 2 Expedit, one on the other. They are against the wall and I placed some design stuff and the Dioder lighting shows the products at their best.

For the fabric, I don’t want to damage the furniture so I just taped it with duct tape.

Here’s the result, much better than I thought !
I just needed 1,5 meter of fabric (10€) and 25€ of light strip.

~ Will, Montpellier – France

Jules Yap