Geometric Pebbles on the Ramvik

Materials: Ramvik Coffee Table, acrylic craft paint (grey black white silver) painters tape, sea sponge.

Description: This is a very inexpensive hack. Took me about 4 hours and 20 bucks to transform this second hand Ramvik Coffee table. I originally wanted to tile the service but it would have set me back $100 bucks.

1) Clean of table top so tape will stick
2) Create an outer border and inner square using painters tape

3) Paint the lines white and let dry
4) Sponge paint the open areas. I did this in layers for a nature rock sort of stone effect. First I used grey, then silver, then white. The grey I used heavily almost completely opaquing the service. The silver was very splotchy and inconsistent. Last I used a small piece of sponge to do little white accents. Let dry
5) Using a pebble stencil sponge black over the top of previous sponged area. I flipped and turned the stencil as I worked to try and eliminate uniformity. Let dry and place glass

This was my first hack. I have a feeling there will be a lot more to come. I choose it because it was affordable and fairly simple for a first timer.

~ Brandy Edwards, Ontario Ca