LACK TV unit into bookshelf bench

LACK TV unit into bookshelf bench


Used lack TV stand (90x26cm, £9), and 2 x Gurli vision covers in green (50x50cm, £2 each) and an Inner cushion pad (50×50, £1.50). Plus some ‘sew and stick’ Velcro and scrap fabric.
Total £14.50


Assemble the TV bench, but when it comes to banging the placement for the screws for the shelf, don’t use the guide in the instructions. Instead, measure the height of your tallest book (taking into account the thickness of the shelf), and mark your own height for the shelf.

The cushion was made by taking apart a seam on each of the cushion covers and sewing them together to make one long one. Then mark a new seam along the long edge opposite the zips to make the cushion pad 26cm wide instead of 50. Before sewing this seam, pin and sew the Velcro pads in key places along the underside. Make the right size inner cushion by using two scraps of fabric approx 100x30cm each and sew them together around 3 sides.

Cut open the inner pad and use the stuffing to stuff your new cushion pad and sew the end closed. Stick the sticky Velcro pads to the top of the TV bench in the corresponding places.

Fill the shelf with books! Looks fabulous in my son’s Minecraft room.

~ Emma Allen