Kitchen Handle iPad Stand

minimalist iPad stand

Materials: Curtain Rod, Kitchen Handle

Description: A kitchen handle, a curtain rod holder and some hot glues makes one cool iPad stand, which works in both portrait and landscape mode. It maintains a clean minimal look with something of the modernist mid-20th century, don’t you think?

All you need are these two elements:

A white Ikea kitchen door handle
A silver/chrome Ikea curtain rod holder

Unfortunately the two particular items that I used do not seem to be on Ikea catalogue this year. But you could lookout for similar items that would work to create the same basic hack.

iPad stand
iPad stand from kitchen holder

I hot glued the two elements together (my hot glue gun technique is a bit amateurish!), and used a few self adhesive foam stickers that I saved from something else.

My ‘other half’ uses this all the time on her work desk, and when she’s not using it I tend to shift it around to the kitchen island to use with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (since this hack is agnostic).

DIY iPad stand
DIY iPad stand

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~ Theo, London

Jules Yap