Kura & Maskros Hacks are the highlight of the new room for our 4 girls!

girlsroom1 715302
girlsroom1 715302

kura reversible bed 0110181 PE260254 S4
Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: Kura Beds & Maskros Light

Description: When we were looking for ideas for our girls’ new room I was inspired by another hack I saw on Ikea Hackers for the Kura beds.

We started with two Kura beds (both found on Craigslist!), painted them black while they were unassembled and built the platforms and drawers out of painted plywood.

The drawers are on wheels and go all the way to the back of the bed so they provide a LOT of storage! The curtains for the bottom bunks are just held on with tension rods.

girlsroom2%2B 716352
girlsroom3 717357

I spray painted the “flowers” on the Maskros light before assembling it.

The pictures on the top of the walls are the IKEA $2.99 framed mirrors. We put black and white pictures on top of the mirrors to make them look like framed prints.

~ Christy Stone

Jules Yap