MOJÖ lighting

Materials: MOLGER mirror + JANSJÖ work lamp

Description: I wanted an alternative and complement to the ceiling lights in my bathroom and powder room. Seeing how the JANSJÖ LED work lamp is assembled (the stem has 2 screws at its end to connect it to the heavy, metal base), and having installed MOLGER mirrors that have a wide, protruding wood frame, I figured I could combine the two products to create very cost-effective, functional (flexible) lighting at the sinks.

Power outlets within range are required and I recommend careful drilling of the holes into the wood. The original base of the JANSJÖ lamp can be used to mark where to drill. I preferred using the screws provided with the lamp, so I ended up drilling with two bits: the smaller one all the way through to accommodate the screws, the larger one just enough to allow the screw heads to be recessed and to reach.

(As I hinted, don’t let the larger bit drill all the way through–it almost happened to me!) It is particular convenient that just enough space can be found behind the MOLGER mirrors to tuck away unneeded electrical wire length. I used 2 JANSJÖ lamps for the 100 cm MOLGER mirror and 1 lamp for the 60 cm mirror.

~ Jerome Do, Montreal, Quebec, Canada