MOPPE Magazine Rack

Materials: 1 large drawer from Moppe mini chest of drawers, Saw, Tacks, Sandpaper, Paint, Drill, Screws and Rawl Plugs

Description: My husband had been wanting a magazine rack for the downstairs toilet for ages, I’d been looking for something to hack but with no luck. One day he pulled the front off the large drawer from a set of Moppe mini drawers that had been used in the shed for a few years and had become a bit swollen with damp. I thought to myself I could hack the drawer to make a rack!!

Step 1 – Cut the joints from the ends of 1 long side of the drawer. Sand the edges.

Step 2 – Place the long side panel into the short side panels but across the top edge. Tack into place.

Step 3 – Slide out the base and drill 2 holes in the panel you’ve just attached so it can be screwed into the wall.

Step 4 – Paint your rack and let it dry.

Step 5 – With the base still removed, mark where you want to put it, drill and attach to the wall.

Step 6 – Slide in the base panel.

~ Caroline Scott, Northumberland, UK