Pax Clothes Rail

Materials: 3-4 Ekby Lerberg, Pax Door, Curtain Rod, Screws (long (8cm at least) and short)

Description: I wanted to stash my clothing somewhere but didn’t like the conventional wardrobes. A shelf combined with a clothes-rail was a concept I had in mind…

How to build:
Take the Pax door and mark & drill 3-4 holes for the long screws, matching the mounting holes of the upper side (in our case longer side) of the Ekby Lerberg. Mount the Ekbys on the wall, put on the Pax door, put the screws through the holes and attach the nuts. Now push the curtain rod through the Ekbys; the screws will hold the rod in the upper region, providing the ideal distance to the wall for all your hangers. If it’s not possible to insert the rod from the side (because the room is to narrow etc.), mount the Ekbys together with the rod (fix it with tape or tie-wrap at the upper corner) and proceed as described above.

In my case the construction easily supported ten pair of trousers, 20 t-shirts, 10 shirts, 10 pullovers, three heavy coats, three complete suits, several sheets and so on!

~ Ernst, Hamburg