PLZ Podium

Materials: Ikea TV Cart

Description: Sometimes the DJ booth is too crowded to share with a VJ/projectionist.

I was in need of a portable podium that could be used to set my VJ equipment on while concealing my cables.

I thought of my old rolling IKEA TV cart that I had in the basement. I took off the casters and attached 2x4s. as legs.

Next I reinforced the sides with plywood and more 2x4s.

I spray painted the legs white and re-attached the casters on them.

Last, I attached a pleated white fabric skirt from goodwill with a staple gun.

The glow from my APC40 mixing board and a nightlight makes the TV Cart’s curved translucent plastic panel glow-it looks really cool live.

It’s a little heavy to lug around, but it can take being the bumps of a rowdy dancefloor.

It’s in the shape of “P” too. ^_^

~ VJ PLZ, Rochester, NY

Jules Yap