IKEA Easter Decorations – a cute diorama, candle stand and more

You may not think of IKEA for Easter decorations but they are a great resource for making your own Easter decor, crafts and gifts. So let’s nibble on the flatpack IKEA Easter Chocolate Bunny and hack away.

DIY Cute Easter Diorama

Thinking of Easter presents? Break away from the usual Easter eggs and gift a cute Easter diorama instead. I added nice papers and printed words to the containers; also artificial grass, ribbon and a cute chicken. So the magnetic containers became unique Easter presents.

I went for a more “natural” theme and used mainly flowers, grass and a tiny chick. But it’s really up to you. Be creative and decorate with things that represent re-birth and newness.


IKEA Grundtal magnetic spice container
Wrapping paper
Fake grass
Tiny chicken toy


Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Lettering set

IKEA Easter diorama decorations – step by step

1. Trace the circle of the spice container on the wrapping paper and cut it out.

IKEA Easter Decorations - Tiny diorama - a cute gift idea

2. Glue the wrapping paper to the inside of the spice container.

3. Use the lettering set to stamp out the words you wish to add to your gift. Then, position your scene — grass, flowers, bird and other decorative items you may want to put in.

4. Hot glue them, layer by layer, on to the spice container.

Tiny Easter diorama - a cute gift idea

5. Once you are satisfied with your arrangement close the spice container with its lid.

Tiny Easter diorama - a cute gift idea

6. Finally, tie a string of ribbon around the GRUNDTAL container to further embellish it.

IKEA Easter Decorations - Tiny Easter diorama - a cute gift idea

And you’re ready to give away your Easter diorama.

~ by doro K.

Easter Candle in an IKEA Coffee Mug

IKEA Easter decoration - candle holder

An easy and in-expensive DIY Easter decoration. I used the IKEA FÄRGRIK Mug but you could use any other mug, of course. This will look so sweet and pretty on an Easter table.


IKEA coffee mug (I used the FÄRGRIK but any mug, even non-IKEA will do)
Floral foam
Styrofoam eggs

How to make your Easter Candle Decoration

1. Cut a piece of floral foam and fit it inside the cup.
2. Heat the bottom of the candle and glue it with wax on to the foam
3. Add moss on top and eggs.
4. Make a few more (you can also use different mugs for variety) and set it on your Easter table as a centerpiece.

~ by Sibylle

Bunny Jar Topper

DIY Bunny jar topper

Nadia used the IKEA BURKEN jars and toy resin rabbits to make this set of bunny jars. Great for storing sweet treats during Easter or anytime of the year. You’ll need to first remove the handle on top of the lid and glue the toy rabbit on to it. The spray paint the jar and bunny in the color of your choice. Let dry and it’s done. See the bunny jar topper tutorial.

Easter mobile in an IKEA crate

Easter decoration in IKEA KNAGGLIG crate

Found this image on Pinterest with no instructions are link to the original source. But it looks easy enough to re-create. Paint a few Easter eggs and hang them with clear fishing wire from the top of the KNAGGLIG crate. Add a few more decorations at the bottom as needed.

Jules Yap