Another Stolmen bookshelf

Materials: Stolmen posts

Description: Inspired by other posts I saw here I built this shelf.

You will need:

1. 2 Stolmen posts
2. A set of Stolmen mounting fixtures (4 per shelf rack)
3. 2 mending plates per rack
4. Bolts & nuts

The process:

1. I bought 12 ft long, 3/4in thick wood boards from home depot. They were cut into 45 in long shelves. They had to be sanded and treated.

2. To each end of the boards I drilled a hole big enough for the bolt to go through. And also attached a mending plate at the bottom. The nut hole should align with one of the mending plates holes (see pictures).

3. Each board is attached to the posts using 2 fixtures on each side (see pictures)

This was a weekend long project and took a look of trial and error. Now that is done I think I could do it again a lot quicker. The good thing is that once you have this up you can keep adding to it, making the shelf wider. If you consider doing this DO NOT get the Stolmen END fixtures. Get the Stolmen mounting fixtures.

~ mauricio