Camera LUNS

Materials: LUNS Writing/magnetic board, two 7″ wireless camera monitors

Description: While looking for a message board at IKEA, I came across the LUNS board and liked that it served as a key rack as well. When I brought it home and opened the packaging I saw that it only came with two hooks. This would be a problem because our big family has many sets of keys. So instead of the two key hooks that came with the board, I used five brass cup hooks I had lying around.

Don’t worry– there’s more to this hack.

A few days after I put up the LUNS magnetic board up in my kitchen, I bought a wireless Uniden surveillance system for the house and had two camera monitors set up on the counter close by. They started getting in the way so I was thinking about hanging them on the wall when I realised they might fit inside the mail compartment on the bottom of the message board. I unplugged one of the monitors, set it inside, and voila: it was a perfect fit!

I placed both monitors inside and added some scrap cardboard to the back so it was a tight fit. The power cables looked messy so I later decided to run the wires behind the wall to the power outlet underneath. I had to drill a small hole through the board to run the wires through but I didn’t have to make any other modifications.

~ Jehangir, Texas

Jules Yap