MelBÖRD Tennis Table from IKEA MELLTORP Tables

IMG 4898

Made from:

  • 4 x Melltorp Tables
  • 2 x pieces of pine
  • screws

Process: Assemble Melltorp table as per usual except use only longer length stretcher to create a larger square table. Repeat.
Screw the tops to the frame with pine spacer making the table regulation size.

The appropriate sized pine board bridges the gap between the two tables to make it regulation length.

The net can be a regular one but I chose to make a fixed one that can be turned upside down so as MelBÖRD can be used as a board room table.

Plays pretty well too for far less than a real Table Tennis tableir?source=bk&t=ikeahacker 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=0c407da14bbed9a8c892fe554b364727& cb=1444023600166 (and far easier to carry up to the 4th floor) Plus you get two small table frames as spare.

Table Tennis Table from IKEA MELLTORP tables

IKEA MELLTORP Table Tennis Table - spacer

IKEA MELLTORP Table Tennis Table - Net

~ Luca

Jules Yap