Expedit Single Bed

Materials: 2 EXPEDIT shelf units 5×1, 1x Sultan Lade 90cm, 3 purple SKUBB boxes, non-slip under carpet material
Description: I saw quite a few double bed hacks using Expedit units here, but no single bed (90cm wide), so I thought I should submit my hack for this.

To start with, put the two units on the floor next to each other, making them 90cm wide – leaving an approx. 12cm gap in the middle. Cut some non-slip under-carpet material and place it onto the units so the slatted base won’t slip around too much.

Place the Sultan Lade slatted bed base on top. You need to cut one slat off the end since it’s meant for a 200cm bed and the Expedit base is only 185cm, and secure the top and bottom slat with 4 screws each. I also put 4 screws in a couple of other slats, but the screws don’t hold too well because the sides of the Expedit units are hollow inside (the two end bits are not) – might work putting raw plugs in though. Finish by sticking felt pads over each screw head (unless you use screws that end up flush with the wood) to protect your mattress.

Finally, put your mattress on top and enjoy storing all your sh*t under the bed as you see fit. I did this using a 3-pack of purple SKUBB boxes.

Alternatively, if you have stuff that you don’t need access to often, you could store everything at the back of the bed, and make the Expedit unit at the front of the bed into 5 separate cubby holes or beds for cats. 😉
~ Barbarella a.k.a. The Mad Cat Lady, Lanzarote