Hacker help: Chandelier Hack Ideas?

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: KRISTALLER Chandelier, EKBY HÅLL shelf Bracket

Description: I’ve moved into an apartment with concrete ceilings and no light fixture holes. I have two hanging chandeliers (one Kristaller and one that is much like a Kristaller – second pic) that I absolutely love, but don’t want to drill hooks into the concrete. Does anyone have any idea as to any Ikea hacks that would help me hang my beloved chandeliers again?

I was thinking of getting EKBY HÅLL shelf Brackets, attaching it to a wall, and hanging my chandeliers on them, but I’m not sure if the weight would be supported? Or maybe getting a huge, tall candle holder or tall vase and balancing the chandeliers on top of them, creating a floor lamp? Would that cause poor stability though? Any ideas?

I know how to convert my chandeliers into plug in ones, I just can’t think of how to hang them.

~ Victoria, Canada