How to anchor to a wall when it’s far away

Materials: Expedit TV stand, Velcrostraps, door pull handles

Description: This is not much of a hack, but a easy simple way to anchor items to the wall.

I had my TV go up in smoke thus I had to buy a new one and thus a new entertainment center to put it in. After I had everything put together I noticed the wall mounts were about 2 feet above the top of the wall I am putting it against, so I had to come up with some way anchor it to the wall so that it would not tip over.

Here is what I came up with. I had some Velcro straps , attached them to the wall mounts that are all ready on the unit using some zip ties. Mounted 2 loop style pull handles on the wall. Ran the Velcro straps through the handles and back on themselves.

After I did this I realized how easy it to undo the velcro straps to get behind the unit, and how this could be used on a lot of other furniture that needs to be attached to a wall for stability, and how much easier this is then trying to screw the unit straight to the wall.

~ ddgiant, Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA