How to: Cut an Expedit down to 3X2

Materials: Expedit

Description: I needed an Expedit with 2 rows of 3 squares, but unfortunately it doesn’t exist! I read somewhere that it is possible to find it from different shops, but none of them is available in Italy, from where I am writing! So I decided to try to create it.

Step 1: Look at the component and don’t get discouraged!!

Step 2: take the two long components and cut them EXACTLY at 104 cm. I used directly a wood saw, but you need to pay much attention, otherwise the white covering will be ruined.

Step 3: I added a timber to reinforce the structure. In particular I put it in the middle of the upper panel. I don’t think it is necessary to add it also to the panel that is going to rest on the floor. The timber must have one dimension of 45 mm. Use a good glue for wood and keep the thin faces of the panel pressed

Step 4: If you have cut the panel EXACTLY at 104 cm, the lateral reinforcements visible in the panel section are long enough to screw the lateral panel on them. Therefore, mark them to find the centre for the hole: 18 mm from the lateral face and 25 mm (i.e. in the symmetry plane) from the other faces. Then drill the holes with a diameter of 6 mm.

Step 5: Assembly everything as Ikea suggests.

If you want, you can also screw an L-bracket that links the lateral panel to the added reinforcement (just in case..), but for the use I am going to do, it is not necessary!

I hope this little guide will be useful for someone else!
Goodbye hackers!!

~ Giorgio Bartolozzi, Prato, Italy


Jules Yap